Discover Descon’s Robotic Variety Pack Uncasing System

Descon Integrated Conveyor Solutions is a turnkey provider of customized packaging solutions for the beverage and food marketplace in North America. 

As a leading, full-service systems integrations provider, Descon supports beverage and food manufacturers, packagers, and users of robotic automation in North America. 

In 2021, Descon was proud to introduce a new machine, the Robotic Variety Pack Uncasing System, which accurately and continuously creates a multiple-flavoured pack of beverages.

The Robotic Variety Pack Uncasing System is designed to receive up to 6 lanes of product each of various flavours, delivers them into the uncasing station, then sequentially uncases full product from their trays. Trays are then discarded to a reject system. The result is a variety pack of beverages.  

“We had a few challenges which we found solutions for.” said Jeff Philpott, Chief Operating Officer, “Our customer commitment was to hit a rate of 1440 cpm on multiple can formats of varying diameters and heights. We achieved this by integrating mini-pressureless single-filers into the uncasing solution with no change-over.  

“We were also required to complete a changeover between container formats within less than 5 minutes.  We were able to do this by implementing a quick change robotic tooling system with the use of ergonomic storage carts for the safe handling of the tooling. All in all, Central City Brewers + Distillers was very happy with Descon and the performance of the machine.”

See the Robotic Variety Pack Uncasing System in action below:

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