Service & Maintenance

Are you looking to coax some additional speed or reliability out of your production line? Are you looking for a partner who can work together with your team to maintain high standards and output?

Descon’s team of experienced engineers and problem solvers are available to provide on-site service and support, as well as preventative and emergency maintenance.

Maintenance solutions are available on all machinery installed by Descon. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped to inspect, evaluate, and repair all Descon components.

Don’t have Descon equipment installed in your production line?

Even if you have never worked with us in the past and don’t use our machinery, we are still available to perform a service audit to identify weaknesses in the line. Our experts have helped many businesses identify areas for improved efficiencies and profitability.

Once the audit process is complete, you can rely on your existing vendors to perform upgrades, or we can continue to discuss how Descon can provide solutions to bring the line up to its top performance standards.


If you are looking to get the most out of your production line, contact us today to get started!