Key Milestones

Descon has had an amazing journey from a simple beginning to becoming a recognized provider of customized packaging solutions in North America. The knowledge and expertise that our team has earned over the years make us the dynamic and innovative brand we are today.

Scroll through to learn more about where we came from and every step along the way!

Over 30 Years in Business


Descon’s Timeline

  • 1990's

    Where We Come From

    Dave Farquhar and Geoff Oliff met while working for Coca-Cola Canada. They share a talent for conveyor technology and often collaborated on projects.

    During this time, the industry is going through dramatic changes, moving from glass bottles to PET, putting a new emphasis on innovation. Meanwhile, European packaging technology begins to outpace the North American market.

  • 1993

    Innovation From Day One

    Dave and Geoff’s division at Coca-Cola is disbanded due to a corporate restructuring. They saw an opportunity and decided to move ahead and start their own business.

    “Most of our local competitors were simple conveyor manufacturers that used 3rd party vendors for supply of the motor control system. Geoff and I knew that model didn’t work well. We wanted to be smart like the European suppliers that we were seeing, and we felt that would be the key to our success.”
    – Dave Farquhar

    Thanks to their years of experience and good connections in the industry, Descon begins to see success.

  • 1995

    Finding Our Footing

    Due to quality issues with work from subcontractors, Descon moves manufacturing in-house. Shortly after, they win their first major account for Coca-Cola, Alberta, Canada.

    Descon finds a niche by developing a unique air conveyor for the new industry trend of lightweight PET. The proprietary changeover technology is fast, reliable, and uniquely capable of handling challenging conveying requirements.

    This technology remains a leader in the marketplace today!

  • 1999

    New Patents & New Technology

    Descon grows to 13 employees and continues to secure patents for new technology, including a neck ring air conveyor.

    Descon is among a select few vendors that can provide complete automatic conversion between bottleneck sizes 28mm and 38mm.

  • 2000

    Continuing to Grow

    Descon acquires our 100th customer and also enters into the bakery industry.

    Descon stays ahead of a massive industry shift once again, this time as technology moves towards blow molding PET bottles directly in-line with filler.