Descon provides a complete suite of packaging solutions to the beverage and food industry. We listen to your needs to ensure we are exceeding your expectations through the development of a tailored solution that will help your business grow. We deliver creative, reliable and cost-effective solutions that go beyond the norm by harnessing the creative application of science, technology and unique expertise that provides true alternatives to meet your needs.

Explore our solutions and let’s chat about putting the right solution in place for your production needs.

Empty Plastic Container (PET/HDPE) Handling

Whether you self-manufacture via blow mold or depalletize your empty plastic containers, Descon has industry-leading solutions for handling any shape or form of product at rapid speeds. We have the experience to know what application will work.

Our products to assist with empty plastic container (PET/HDPE) handling include:

  • Depalletizer
  • Bulk Conveyance
  • Loose Container Conveyor
  • Neck Ring Air Conveyor
  • Ionized Air Rinser
  • Side-Grip Elevators

Empty Can Handling

We are the leader in flexible solutions for empty can handling. Descon has engineered unique features that can introduce empty cans to a production line quickly, efficiently, and without damage.

Our empty can handling products include:

  • Bulk Depalletizer
  • Loose Container Conveyor
  • Vacuum Transfers & Elevators (Single Lane or Mass)
  • Deckjet Air Conveyor
  • Inspection and Coding Integration
  • Can Twist Integration

Full Container Handling for Glass, Plastic, and Can

Our solutions support a wide variety of product types and container shapes. We take care of your filled product from the filling equipment to the packer, conveying your product gently while integrating inspection and reject systems for the highest possible throughput efficiency.

Our products to assist with full container handling include:

  • Packer In-feed Solutions
  • Loose Container Conveyor
  • Transport and/or Accumulation
  • Lay-Down Head Space Sterilizer
  • Warmers
  • Container Dryer
  • Servo Laner
  • Inspection and Coding Integration

Empty Plastic Shell and Crate Handling

From denesting to packer infeed along with washing and drying, Descon is able to supply all your empty shell and crate handling.

Our products to assist with empty shell and crate handling include:

  • Empty Shell & Crate Conveyor
  • Destacker
  • Shell Washer & Dryer
  • Dry Trash Removal

Full Case & Pack Handling

For any shape and size of packs and cases, Descon has the solution to convey your product from packer to palletizer.

Our solutions to assist with full case and pack handling include:

  • Pack and Case Conveying
  • Pack Laner
  • Laning Application
  • Multi-Pack Application
  • Changeover System
  • Pack & Case Manipulation

Pallet Handling

Descon can assist with any type of empty and full pallet handling solutions. Whether conveying, stacking, destacking, or orienting, we’ve got a solution for you.

Our products to assist with pallet handling include:

  • Pallet Conveyor (Rollers and/or Chain)
  • Turn table / Pop up transfer
  • Pallet Stacker / Destacker