Full Case & Pack Handling

Full Case & Pack Handling

Descon brings the science of case transport into the 21st century by utilizing the latest advancements in modular belting. Case handling is increasingly more complicated as customers introduce smaller packaging to the marketplace. These small packages must orientate and divide into lanes, accumulating and presenting to secondary packaging. These flexible systems feature secure integrated transfers and precise changeover technology, both of which we are well known.

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Pack and Case Conveyor

Designed for strength, rigidity and performance, Descon’s full line of integrated Pack and Case Conveyor use plastic modular belting. Utilizing low-back pressure type chains for accumulation and friction/non-friction top chains for braking. We are uniquely qualified to handle your sensitive packages.

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  • Solid surface transport and positive and oriented flow.
  • Measured and accountable case location throughout the entire system.
  • Maximum package integrity whether running corrugated cartons, shrink-wrapped trays, or unsupported film bundles.
  • Variable speed motor control provides recipe set-up for varying product formats.
  • Maintenance friendly design and readily available components.
  • Nose-over type transfers for sensitive pack handling.
  • Transfers are integrated internal to conveyor frames ensuring proper set-up at the factory.
  • Unique pivoting case guide system critical to the handling of sensitive packs.
  • Fully automatic change over using DC linear motors, no pneumatics.
  • Programmable automatic case guides using DC linear actuators.
  • Stainless steel or powder coated carbon steel.
  • Pre-mounted motor isolation switches.
  • Integrated wire way systems.
  • Integrated high side walls for broken case containment.
  • Automatic case diversion gates.
  • Dust covers, pans and integrated safety netting.
  • Duck unders for safe passage.

Integrated Transfers

Descon’s Integrated Transfers seamlessly work into your conveyor system to reduce startup time and improve the ability to handle more sensitive packages.


  • Transfers are factory set and tested prior to shipping.
  • Less reliance on installation crews.
  • Shorter start-up curve.

Pivoting Case Guides

Our Pivoting Case Guides feature unique pivoting actuators and a channel rail system forming a strong, accurate, affordable and adjustable solution. Coupled with our DC linear actuator technology, changeovers are fully automatic and infinitely adjustable to handle any case size.

Our latest innovation is a double pivoting case guide system that provides infinite positioning of multiple cases in one, two or three lanes.


  • Quick-adjust pivoting case guides without tools.
  • Faster start-ups due to repeatable and accurate positioning.
  • Multi-lane capable: one, two or three lane changeover.
  • Fully automatic changeover via DC linear actuators.