Full Line Supply and Integration


Schilling Cider

Type of Line

Flex Can Line

Project Objective

To supply a new high-speed can line for 355ml and 473ml standard aluminum cans.

Project Overview

Descon was approached by Schilling Cider to build a complete canning line specific to their needs. That in itself is not usually a major challenge for us but this one had some special challenges, namely the amount of space that was available to us. Schilling did have plans to expand their facility but not until after this line was up and running. The line would produce a variety of standard and sleek style can formats at a rate of 800 cpm, in a multitude of pack formats including paperboard, tray-film and multi-pack production, as well as allow for variety pack formats. Due to the Nature of Schillings business, they also required a tunnel pasteurizer with flex hot zone control allowing for large range of pasteurization recipes. Descon has supplied many lines that fit this description but never one that fit in an area of only 9,400 sq. ft.

Descon scope of supply included generation of as-built drawings, layout generation services, supply and integration of machine centers, coding and inspection systems, empty and full can, multi-pack and full case systems, electrical controls, service platforms, installation and start-up services. Of particular interest is the implementation of Danfoss OneGearDrive permanent magnet motors and Danfoss FCD distributed VFD motor control, as well Remote Programming Access Portal for long term remote service support.

Container Formats / Rates

  • 12oz Std Can @ 800 CPM
  • 375ml Std Can @ 800 CPM
  • 16oz Std Can @ 800 CPM
  • 19.2oz @ 700 CPM

Case / Pack Formats

  • 4 x 6pk paperboard in 24pk tray
  • 12pk paperboard in 24pk tray
  • 12pk, 15pk, 18pk, 24pk paperboard
  • 24pk tray-film
  • Additional format capacity

Descon Supply and Integration Responsibility

  • Project and Site Management
  • Plant Layout Development
  • Empty Can Delivery System
    • Bulk Depalletizer: high level, fully auto with servo motor control, tier sheet/top frame removal
    • Mass conveyance and pressureless single-filingVacuum transfer with 100% down can evacuation, can coding and inspection
    • DeckJet air conveyor
    • Ionized Air Rinser with quick-change can tracks
  • Pasteurization
    • Tunnel Pasteurizer with advanced thermodynamic technology and flexible hot zones
  • Full Can Delivery System
    • Single lane and mass conveyance systems with pressureless single-filers and mass accumulation, automatic dry lube system, internal conveyor cleaning system, machine infeed laning systems with quick-change format, integrated electrical wireways
    • Gravity style can twists with quick-adjust no-tool changeover
    • Full can drying system
      • Fully contained drying system with quick-adjust, no-tool air knife adjustment and acoustical sound abatement system
    • Inspection Systems
      • Super Filtec Inspection/Rejection (seamer outlet)
      • Dual Filtec 3G and Filtec Auratec Inspection/ Rejection (downstream of pasteurizer)
  • Full Multi-Pack and Case Delivery System
    • Modular belt conveyors with nose-over type transfers, quick-adjust pivoting case guides with DC motor drive changeover (no pneumatics), Intralox ARB case/pack switches, vertical and horizontal case shuttles
    • Ryson case spirals
    • Honeywell zero-pressure accumulating case conveyor
  • Integrated Control System
    • NEMA 4X motor control panels
    • Danfoss OneGearDrive and FCD Distributed Motor Control
    • EtherNet IP networking between all machine centers
    • “Soft” container handling PLC control code
    • Operator machine interfaces (HMIs)
  • Packaging Equipment Vendors
    • A&E Ionized Air rinser
    • Bevcorp filler
    • Westrock 1250M packer
    • Douglas TSP80 packer
    • Intralox case switch
    • Ryson case spirals
    • PAI
    • Omnifission
  • Platforming and mezzanines
  • Turnkey installation services
  • Start-up and commissioning services

Client Testimonial

Truly Integrated Support

“Our story was a bit unique… We knew going into this that long term we would be bringing packaging in-house but we needed to grow to a point to justify the type of canning line that we wanted to own. The thing that sold Descon was the team. There was a clear connection between the team working on the mechanical design and the team integrating everything. People toss around the word ‘integrated’ in the industry but that is truly what Descon is.”

Mark Kornei

CFO and Co-Founder

Schilling Cider, Auburn, Washington

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