Day in the Life of a Product Development Engineer

Product sizes and capacity needs are always changing in the food and beverage packaging industry. To keep up with the growing needs, at Descon, our Product Development Engineers are always looking for ways to create innovative conveyor systems.

What does a Product Development Engineer do?

At Descon, our Product Development Engineers have the knowledge and experience to research, design, and test equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. Our team is constantly refining our equipment for our client’s unique packaging needs and recently we have been creating and testing new equipment that has never been seen before in our industry. In such a fast-paced industry, having skilled team members who can develop innovative conveyor systems is key.

Day in the Life of a Descon Product Development Engineer

Our product development engineers are driven by their passion for innovation and discovery. They collaborate to transform client concepts into reality and explore new ways we can push the boundaries of the food and beverage conveyor industry.

Custom Conveyor Systems

When customizing a Descon conveyor system for our customers, the product development team researches the idea, creates a design, and tests it to ensure the equipment is operating properly and all safety requirements are achieved. Once we are confident in the product customization, we install and test the new conveyor system on-site to ensure all is working as expected.

New Product Development

Product development starts with our experts identifying a gap in the market. Whether the industry is missing a conveyor system that reaches certain speeds or package sizes, our team has the skills and experience to identify where we can develop an innovative conveyor system.

Once the idea has formed, our Product Development Engineers get to work researching and developing a plan for a new conveyor system. This involves creating concepts, sketches, and 3D models based on their research. Our team then works together with our mechanical, electrical, and controls engineers to design the prototype and then build it in our workshop.

Working Together to DELIVER!

When developing new products, it is not uncommon to run into bumps. During the process, our product development engineers document successes and challenges to improve and create tests to ensure our conveyor system meets quality standards.

“Our in-house testing aims to eliminate as many uncertainties as possible regarding actual operating conditions. We must have confidence that the equipment can be integrated seamlessly into the full line rate” – Dylan Stephens, Product Development Engineer.

Our team works hard to plan and troubleshoot problems together. It is the combined expertise, imagination, and collaboration that makes us successful in delivering innovative conveyor systems.

From product development engineers to mechanical, electrical, and controls engineers and even our sales team, we all come together to ensure we deliver equipment that works for your packaging needs. Feel free to contact us to explore innovative solutions for your conveyor system. We’re eager to discuss ideas and help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Dylan Stephens,
Product Development Engineer