Pallet Handling

Pallet Handling

Descon heavy duty pallet handling conveyors are available in both mild steel and stainless steel construction. They are suited to any environment.

Pallet Conveyor

Descon’s heavy duty Pallet Conveyors are available in both mild steel and stainless-steel construction suitable for any environment.

  • Full pallet empty can and empty PET transport and accumulation systems.
  • Raw material handling with integrated scissor lifts.
  • Full pallet transportation and accumulation.
  • Integrated T-Car and lifting applications.
  • Operator safety systems including safety fencing and light curtain integration.
  • Heavy-duty modular construction.
  • Two-strand, three-strand chain, and CDLR versions.
  • Pallet transfers via airbag driven 90-degree and rotary tables.
  • Adjustable telescoping channel floor supports.
  • Professional powder-coat paint finish.
  • All stainless-steel construction.
  • Pre-mounted motor isolation switches.
  • Pre-mounted field devices.
  • Integrated electrical wireway.
  • Safety fencing and light curtain safety systems.
  • Pallet stacking and de-stacking systems.

Pallet De/Stacker

Whether it’s integrated into a bulk depalletizing system or part of a pallet handling system, the Descon Pallet De/Stacker are suited for adding or removing pallets from the production line.

  • Designed to operate 24/7 with a minimum of maintenance.
  • Will stand up to the continuous and relentless forklift contact
  • Configurations can be customized according to the equipment handing and routing
  • Heavy duty pneumatic airbag and scissor style pallet lifting
  • Extended side walls (3 sides) and light curtain Category 3 safety access (forklift access)
  • Standard capacity: 15 pallets
  • High capacity storage magazines.
  • Multiple pallet dimensions are optional with minimal changeover.
  • Perimeter mesh cage with interlocks or Category 3 light curtain for operator protection.