Full Container Handling for Glass, Plastic, and Can

Descon has put significant investment into improving methods for handling full containers in multiple shapes and sizes. As a result, our container handling solutions can be designed and built in a variety of configurations.

Our designs can intelligently integrate into either new or existing packaging solutions. This process takes into consideration factors such as plant floor space restrictions, material flow, operator work areas, forklift traffic, machine accessibility, and evaluation of accumulation buffer zones which increase production throughput.

Over the years, we’ve addressed industry challenges in efficient product handling by developing high-throughput technologies with a smaller footprint, as well as innovating low-pressure accumulation and in-feed laning at the machine interface.

Our solutions can also be adjusted to adapt to most container sizes and shapes using our unique changeover options. Additionally, our conveyor systems are designed to make cleaning and maintenance easy.

Client Testimonial

Truly Integrated Support

“Our story was a bit unique… We knew going into this that long term we would be bringing packaging in-house but we needed to grow to a point to justify the type of canning line that we wanted to own. The thing that sold Descon was the team. There was a clear connection between the team working on the mechanical design and the team integrating everything. People toss around the word ‘integrated’ in the industry but that is truly what Descon is.”

Mark Kornei

CFO and Co-Founder

Schilling Cider, Auburn, Washington

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