Empty Plastic Container (PET/HDPE) Handling

Descon delivers fast, reliable conveyance solutions for plastic, blow-molded PET, and HDPE products. Our solutions create the link between machine centers to allow containers of any shape and size to be manufactured and then move rapidly along the product line.

Engineering for plastic containers offers a unique challenge, as bottles made from these materials are very light and unstable but need to be moved at rapid speeds, often around 1200+ containers per minute, depending on the application. To solve this problem, Descon always designs for the specific application, taking into account the features and requirements of each container.

Furthermore, we have developed a unique changeover guide system that allows you to run an infinite size of product. Our changeover solution helps reduce downtime while remaining operator-friendly, fast, and reliable.

One of Descon’s most successful empty bottle handling offerings and patented products, the Neck Ring Air Conveyor, continues to lead the field. Our Bulk Depalletizer, high-speed Pressureless Single-Filers, Bulk Accumulation Hoppers, and Ionized Air Rinsers also offer unrivaled empty bottle transportation.

Whether you need blow-to-fill or more conventional bulk receiving of empty bottles, we can help with your empty bottle handling system.

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