Empty Can Handling

Empty can handling is a delicate process requiring carefully engineered layouts and controls to achieve a continuous high speed of 2300+ cans per minute without damage to the product.

We have extensive experience with Fortune 100 food and beverage brands to deliver and integrate empty can solutions. Each production line starts with the integration of a bulk depalletizer that feeds into a high-speed mass conveyor. Afterward, the product is single-filed, rinsed, and delivered to the filler with unparalleled efficiency.

To prevent damage to cans or disruption to the line, we are using a solution that uses vacuum transfers to ensure consistent down-can rejection.

Our experience in control and software development has led to the development of a finely engineered solution to avoid putting pressure on cans and allow the line to operate more smoothly than alternatives on the market.

If you need inspection or coding, our integration solution utilizes the same vacuum transfer technology to perfectly add a pristine product code to the bottom of each and every can.

In addition, we provide something completely unique in the industry — a flex can changeover system, which is almost 100% changeover-free and adjustable to any can size or future can size. This solution is operator-friendly and guarantees minimal downtime for your line.

All in all, Descon delivers quick, reliable, and straightforward changeovers and integration of cut-offs — and these unique products separate us from the rest.

Client Testimonial

Truly Integrated Support

“Our story was a bit unique… We knew going into this that long term we would be bringing packaging in-house but we needed to grow to a point to justify the type of canning line that we wanted to own. The thing that sold Descon was the team. There was a clear connection between the team working on the mechanical design and the team integrating everything. People toss around the word ‘integrated’ in the industry but that is truly what Descon is.”

Mark Kornei

CFO and Co-Founder

Schilling Cider, Auburn, Washington

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