Shell Dryer

Shell Dryer

Descon Shell Dryers recirculate air through moisture eliminators, keeping the air dry and hot. Air knives are strategically located to provide the very best drying possible. Up to 99% dryness is obtainable.


  • Quick changeover for different shell sizes.
  • Energy efficient air blowers.
  • Hygienic 304 stainless steel design and fabrication.
  • Access to internal components without tools.
  • Easily integrated with Descon Shell Washing System.

Shell Drying

  • Controlled conveying of shells via stainless-steel flighted drag chain.
  • High volume, high pressure blowers to ensure maximum effective water removal.
  • Drying capability for production speeds of up to 70 shells per minute.
  • Air recirculation with moisture eliminators ensure air remains hot and dry.

Clean Design Principles

  • Access panels into the tunnel for easy cleaning.
  • Hygienic 304 stainless steel design and fabrication.
  • Smooth, streamlined construction for easy housekeeping.