Descon provides complete service and support at every stage of development for your conveyor system

From our initial discussions and recommendations, through design, engineering, manufacturing and installation, you can count on Descon for all of your conveyor needs. We’ll provide training, technical assistance, and parts to ensure your new conveyor lines run smoothly and carry your business forward.

Production Line Installations

Completing the installation phase of your project, whether small or large, requires the coordination of many facets including mechanical, electrical, vendor equipment, utilities and civil.  The worry free installation of your project can only be achieved by an experienced familiar partner.  No one is more familiar with the effective installation of your complete conveyor solution than Descon.  This experience is gained not only through the extensive engineering phase of the project, but also through years of project experience in facilities across North America.

Maintenance & Conveyor Service

Maintaining your conveyor system and keeping it running at peak performance often requires outside help.  Descon’s expert staff is available to assist you in your maintenance and service needs. Whether you require replacement of parts, repairs to your conveyor line or a complete maintenance audit, Descon is available to help.Image of A Servo Laner for the Milk Industry

Commissioning / Line Support

Descon provides comprehensive Commissioning and Line Support services for the purposes of fine-tuning the operation of a line, trial runs when new products are introduced to an existing line, or for overall efficiency tuning. This ensures the maximum performance of your Integrated Conveyor Solution.  Skilled technicians with years of experience provide the most effective and complete mechanical, electrical, programming and integration commissioning services that ensure your project meets the highest performance standards.

Spare Parts

Maintaining a strategic list of spare parts is critical to the ongoing operation of your container transportation system with minimal downtime.  Whether you are planning for a shutdown, needing a rush order or just replenishing stock, our In-house experts are there to recommend, order, and expedite the production-critical and stock components required for your system. Email shipment tracking and regular updates allow you to spend your time planning not chasing your Spare Parts. Click here to order parts!


Once the system is installed, training of your staff ensures all of the information, including an operator interface, maintenance training, and Standard operating procedures that are required to efficiently run and maintain your system has been delivered directly to those who need it through classroom and on-the-floor training.