Full Container Handling

Full Container Handling

We deliver a solution that works right out of the box. We invest in developing improved methods of handling full containers. Our research and experience led to developing a new means of zero-pressure accumulation and smart laning at machine infeeds.  Our efforts also produced a layout template capable of more throughput with less footprint clean and efficient motor control software.

Loose Container Conveyor

Empty and Full Containers

The Loose Container Conveyor serves as the link between individual machine centers, it’s the backbone to performance. The width of the conveyor, number of transfers, guide rail design and amount of accumulation are critical to how your equipment runs.

  • Layout design is the most important step.
  • Start-up is quick, setting up your long-term system success.
  • Ensuring accumulation levels provide sufficient reaction time between machine centers.
  • Accessibility for material flow.

Descon Loose Container Conveyors feature clean design for easy cleaning and simple maintenance.

  • Platform style or open construction.
  • Clean-out access holes for washing.
  • Tapered spacers behind legs and brackets.
  • Tubular welded sanitary support structures.
  • Minimization of flat surfaces that can collect dust.
  • Integrated conveyor cleaning headers.
  • Peaked, formed dust covers to minimize can exposure to foreign material.

Descon provides many Loose Container Conveyor options to enhance efficiency, productivity, and ensuring safety.

  • Programmable automatic container guides using DC linear actuators.
  • Stainless steel or powder coated carbon steel.
  • Auto lubrication and Run-Dry systems.
  • Integrated internal cleaning manifolds.
  • Pre-mounted motor isolation switches.
  • Integrated electrical wireways.
  • Drip pans and dust covers.
  • Duck unders for safe passage.

Loose Container Conveyor Features


Descon takes advantage of the latest developments in conveyor chain technology so that you see the benefits. These include low friction factors, flatness and wear characteristics.


  • Suitable for cans, glass, and PET, PVC, HDPE bottles, round and non-round.
  • Available in single chain or mass conveying.
  • Parallel, Dynamic DTS or S-Box type transfers.
  • Varying chain types including plastic modular belting and stainless steel slat chains.
  • Universal splice plates and integrated stainless-steel leg supports.
  • Integrated electrical wireways.


Accumulation is vital to the success of any well-running line. By absorbing product during downstream stoppages, more critical machine centers can continue producing, therefore improving your bottom line.


  • Production continues during downstream stoppages.
  • Suitable for cans, glass and plastic bottles, round and non-round.
  • Provides significant accumulation with minimum floor space.
  • Simple synchronization between critical machine centers.
  • FIFO (first-in, first-out) accumulation or FILO (first-in, last-out) accumulation.

Pressureless Single-Filer

Our Pressureless Single Filers singulate containers from mass at high speeds, eliminating the possibility of a downstream shutdown.


  • Suitable for cans, glass and plastic bottles, round and non-round.
  • 100% down bottle evacuation.
  • High speeds:
    • Cans up to 1,700 cpm
    • Full PET and glass up to 1,400 bpm
    • Empty PET up to 1,000 bpm
  • Simple changeover between container formats

Machine Infeed Laning System

Developed in direct response to customers seeking a reliable laning alternative, Descon’s Machine Infeed Laning Systems provide critical function to any packaging machine.


  • Eliminate stoppages due to unbalanced lanes.
  • Handle a variety of container sizes with simple no-tool changeover capability.
  • Immediate start-up following format change – no additional commissioning.
  • Hit the pace expected of today’s high-speed packaging machines.

Paperboard Carton Packaging

  • High-speed laning up to eight lanes.
  • Quick changeover with dial indicators, scales, and quick-change snap-in change parts.
  • Suitable for flex can lines with a variety of can sizes and up to three unique can diameters.
  • Suitable for PET lines with a variety of bottle diameters.

Tray-Film or Film-Only Packaging

  • High-speed laning up to eight lanes.
  • Quick changeover with dial indicators, scales, and quick-change snap-in change parts.
  • Suitable for flex can lines with a variety of can sizes and up to three unique can diameters.
  • Suitable for PET lines with a variety of bottle diameters.

Hi-Cone Packaging

  • High-speed laning of two lanes
  • Type 1: Dual discharge mechanical combiner.
    • 100% down can removal and integrated catch pans.
  • Type 2: Dual pressureless single-filer.
    • 100% down container evacuation and integrated catch pans.

Lay-Down Head Space Sterilizer

Descon Lay-Down Head Space Sterilizers gently change the orientation of a hot-filled container. This means the hot product fills the head space until sterilization is reached. Our standard unit suits a variety of hot-filled containers (PET, HDPE, glass), with minimal changeover and automatic adjustment to line speed. It is available in a variety of configurations.

  • Stainless one piece, round bar carry way, minimizes contamination and simplifies cleaning.
  • Fully enclosed tilt area ensures hot liquid is contained.
  • Configurable and available in inline, L-shaped or U-shaped formats.
  • Handles a variety of container formats without changeover.
  • NEMA 4X termination enclosure, jam detection and safety interlocked access doors.

Warmers, Coolers & Pasteurizers

Descon Warmers, Coolers and Pasteurizers are highly efficient and reliable thermal treatment machines. We take advantage of the latest in thermodynamic technology to control the core temperature of hot-filled or cold-filled products.

  • High density, evenly spread distribution spray patterns.
  • Non-clogging, stainless steel nozzles.
  • Continuous cleaning feature distributes water on all interior surfaces.
  • Flow through transport bed for optimum heat transfer.
  • Large access doors for easy access.
  • Easy to navigate graphical operator interface.
  • Observation windows and marine lighting.
  • Even distribution of precisely tempered water, gentle heating.
  • Closed loop PID temperature control.
  • Non-clogging nozzles with stainless steel distribution piping.
  • Heat evacuation system protects containers from overheating.
  • Automatic fresh water make up systems.
  • Stainless steel 304 hygienic design and fabrication.
  • Flat side walls and sloped floors facilitate easy cleaning.
  • Continuous clean-in-place distributes water on interior surfaces to avoid algae growth.
  • Advanced clean-in-place and boil out systems.
  • Large access doors for easy access.
  • Dosing systems for water treatment.
  • Polypropylene modular belt main bed with raised rib or flat top belting.
  • Stainless steel chevron pattern carry way ensures long chain life and even wear.
  • Integrated dynamic DTS transfer conveyors.
  • Variable frequency control of all conveyor motors.
  • Stepped infeed rail design ensures a fully populated main belt.
  • Remote dew point monitoring systems.
  • Evaporative cooling package for maximum water savings.
  • Closed loop external evaporative cooling tower heat exchanger systems.
  • Heat reclaim systems.
  • Heat regeneration zones.
  • High percentage of residual water recapture at discharge.

Batch Pasteurizer

Designed for craft brewers, the Descon Batch Pasteurizer processes 576 bottles/cans per batch or up to 7,000 bottles/cans per day, up to 33 Hectoliters per day.


  • Double deck design is optimized for overall footprint.
  • Quick and easy product loading and unloading with 24-pack crates.
  • Easy access doors allow operator loading from both sides.
  • Flexibility to pasteurize all types of product containers and beverages (beer, cider, sour beer, RTDs, etc.)


  • Product capacity: 576 cans/bottles (24 x 24 packs) per cycle.
  • Cycle time: approx. 30 mins/cycle (product and plant utility dependent).
  • Typical production per 8-hour day: 33 Hectoliters (473ml cans.)

Utility Requirements

  • City Water: 80 USGPM @ 40 PSIG
  • Steam: 12 PSIG
  • Electrical: 480/600VAC/3PH/60HZ

Container Dryer

The Descon Container Dryer features a quick-change format changeover. Including single lane or dual lane, single stage or multiple stage drying, single container or multiple format drying, Descon dryers have you covered.

  • Republic regenerative blowers and Adamark air knives.
  • Stainless steel enclosures for water containment.
  • Simple handwheel adjustment with dial indicators for format height and diameter changeover.
  • Compact and small footprint allows integration into existing line layouts.
  • Available in a variety of container formats: PET, glass and cans.
  • Handwheel changeover covering container height and body diameter.
  • Dial indicators on all changeover devices for simple repeatability.
  • Integrated drain pan.
  • NEMA 4X control panel with flange mounted disconnect and magnetic starter.
  • Noise cancelling options available.

Servo Laner

The Descon Servo Laner is a high-speed laning solution with servo motor control to accurately and continuously deliver product into multiple lanes, without stoppage in product flow.

  • Precise and consistent container positioning.
  • Consistent laning without stoppage in container flow.
  • Easy to navigate graphical operator interface.
  • Recipe driven setup for simple product addition.
  • Changeover in less than two minutes, without tools.
  • Small footprint.
  • Extremely quiet operation.
  • Stainless steel construction with NEMA 4X control enclosure.
  • Upstream and downstream conveyor supply.
  • Safety light curtain zone protection.
  • Custom guide rail design for sensitive containers.