Warmers, Coolers & Pasteurizers


Warmers, Coolers & Pasteurizers

Warmers, Coolers & Pasteurizers

Descon Warmers, Coolers and Pasteurizers are highly efficient and reliable thermal treatment machines. We take advantage of the latest in thermodynamic technology to control the core temperature of hot-filled or cold-filled products.

Batch Pasteurizer

Designed for craft brewers, the Descon Batch Pasteurizer processes 576 bottles/cans per batch or up to 7,000 bottles/cans per day, up to 33 Hectoliters per day.


  • Double deck design is optimized for overall footprint.
  • Quick and easy product loading and unloading with 24-pack crates.
  • Easy access doors allow operator loading from both sides.
  • Flexibility to pasteurize all types of product containers and beverages (beer, cider, sour beer, RTDs, etc.)


  • Product capacity: 576 cans/bottles (24 x 24 packs) per cycle.
  • Cycle time: approx. 30 mins/cycle (product and plant utility dependent).
  • Typical production per 8-hour day: 33 Hectoliters (473ml cans.)

Utility Requirements

  • City Water: 80 USGPM @ 40 PSIG
  • Steam: 12 PSIG
  • Electrical: 480/600VAC/3PH/60HZ