Warmers, Coolers & Pasteurizers


Warmers, Coolers & Pasteurizers

Warmers, Coolers & Pasteurizers

Descon Warmers, Coolers and Pasteurizers are highly efficient and reliable thermal treatment machines. We take advantage of the latest in thermodynamic technology to control the core temperature of hot filled or cold filled products.

Batch Pasteurizer

Designed for craft brewers, the Descon Batch Pasteurizer processes 576 bottles/cans per batch or up to 7,000 bottles/cans per day, up to 33 Hectoliters per day.


  • Double deck design is optimized for overall footprint.
  • Quick and easy product loading and unloading with 24-pack crates.
  • Easy access doors allow operator loading from both sides.
  • Flexibility to pasteurize all types of product containers and beverages (beer, cider, sour beer, RTDs, etc.)


  • Product capacity: 576 cans/bottles (24 x 24 packs) per cycle.
  • Cycle time: approx. 30 mins/cycle (product and plant utility dependent).
  • Typical production per 8-hour day: 33 Hectoliters (473ml cans.)

Utility Requirements

  • City Water: 80 USGPM @ 40 PSIG
  • Steam: 12 PSIG
  • Electrical: 480/600VAC/3PH/60HZ