Dry Trash Removal

Dry Trash Removal

Descon Dry Trash Removal Systems remove loose debris within shells or crates including paper, caps, labels and other foreign materials prior to washing or packing.


  • No tool, simple changeover for different shell sizes.
  • Energy efficient air blower.
  • Easily integrated with Descon Shell Washing System.
  • Hygienic 304 stainless steel design and fabrication.
  • Large capacity trash collection basket on castors for easy removal.

Horizontal Format

  • An inline, common elevation floor level unit normally placed upstream of the Descon Shell Washer.
  • High volume, high pressure blower to ensure maximum removal capability.
  • Friction top chain conveyor feed to ensure no slip indexing through the tip up position.
  • Close connected to shell washer or stand-alone.

Vertical Format

  • Suited to applications where shells are supplied at a high level and discharged at production level.
  • Stainless steel frame and chute construction.
  • Gravity fed, simple operation.
  • Debris removal through gravity or with high volume, high pressure blower.
  • Pneumatic stop assembly to maintain shell prime.