Our Approach

Teamwork creates a seamless process for designing and manufacturing integrated conveyor systems

All of our departments operate with a certain level of collaboration with all other departments to ensure we leverage our collective information to get results on every project we manufacture for you.

Our process connects you to our team through direct communication with our Sales Group and Projects Group. This direct communication between our teams ensures that you know what is happening at each stage of the project, from your first contact with our sales team to the implementation and ongoing service of your Descon conveyor solution.

Get to know our teams and see how we can work together to overcome challenges and get results:

Sales Group

Our sales team is your first point of contact, and you can count on them to listen to your needs. Whether you first meet on a tradeshow floor or on the phone, our focus is on ensuring you achieve the right conveyor system for your goals.

Projects Group

The Projects Group encompasses both our Mechanical and Electrical Design teams. They are responsible for keeping your project on track during development and beyond completion to ongoing service.

  • Project management

  • Project administration

  • Service

  • Product development

  • Procurement

  • Standardization

Both the Sales Group and Projects Group communicate with the Applications Group.

Descon’s Application Team

Our Applications Team is Descon’s central nervous system, and it is the reason we are able to provide such high-quality integrated conveyor solutions.

We consider the team to be “Descon University”. What this means is that we have gathered our best professionals and empowered them to share their experiences to learn from each other and grow the group’s collective knowledge and expertise.

This collaboration allows us to take more than 20 years of experience and turn it into workable integrated conveyor solutions that get proven results. We make sure that the group's expertise is being utilized to its fullest potential in order to provide the best possible solutions for your company's needs.

The Applications Team is comprised of experienced packaging line engineers whose jobs include:

Project Scope:

  • Pack-out survey: products, rates, formats

On-site Engineering Review:

  • As-built

  • Building structure: drains, column lines, roof trusses

  • Traffic flow

  • Specifications: voltage, power, etc.

Equipment Solutions/Verification:

  • Identification of limitations

  • Interface requirements

  • V-graph generation

Layout Design:

  • Project boundaries

  • Accessibility

  • Allocations/reaction time study

  • Traffic flow: raw materials and personnel


  • Chart and identify

Safety and Access:

  • Platforms, walk-overs, duck-unders

  • Bollards

Site Services

When your integrated conveyor solution is ready to be delivered to you, our Site Services team works closely with both the Projects Group and the Applications Group to ensure that the conveyor system is installed flawlessly and without a hitch.

Talk to us to learn how to put our collective expertise to work to create an integrated conveyor system for your business.