Line Engineering

The solution to any container transportation problem does not rest exclusively with either the mechanical or electrical approach. Considering the speed and complexity of today’s packaging systems, it is a necessity that a conveyor system is designed with the integration of both mechanical and electrical systems.

This integrated approach allows us to achieve the best system at the best price. Open-forum meetings with in-house engineers, mechanical and electrical designers, and installation supervisors allow Descon to fully study your system and expand on the issues that are important.

We manage each aspect of the line engineering for your conveyor system, including:

Line Audit  (Performance & Capability)

The first step to providing a new production line is our line audit. Descon will provide a full line audit to evaluate the current performance and capability of the packaging equipment. Descon uses this as a tool to develop the future layout and conveyor design to maximize the overall efficiency of the production line. Sometimes this is just a review of your drawings and an evaluation of what needs to happen. Other times, Descon can travel to the site and witness first hand. Whatever it is, we have the expertise in house to fully evaluate the best solution for production efficiency with the total cost of ownership in mind. 

Plant Layout Design

Production line layouts are a key aspect to achieving an efficient/balanced production line. We have extensive knowledge in developing line layouts for all types of production and plant floor space restrictions. System integration of both new and existing packaging equipment is what we do. Descon also considers material flow, operator work areas, fork lift traffic and machine accessibility. 


Project Management & Execution

At Descon we are committed to meet our customers delivery and installation requirements. Our project management group plans out all details of the project, including design, manufacturing, assembly and installation. Our project managers provide a single point contact for our customers throughout the project allowing open and easy communication. The Descon project group is focused on the details of the project to ensure nothing is missed throughout the project. We pride ourselves in working with our customers as team to complete each project successfully for all parties. 


Conveyor Engineering

Descon has incorporated a great deal of details into our standard conveyor designs, focusing on safety, functionality, assembly and maintainability. Our conveyor standards are at the leading edge of 3D-CAD design allowing us to engineer new conveyor systems quickly and accurately leaving no details behind. Efficient design creates efficiencies throughout the project manufacturing and assembly phases.


Manufacturing & Assembly

Descon conveyors are built with high accuracy using laser cut folded sheet metal and machined components in both stainless steel and painted mild steel. Descon conveyors are fully assembled on the premise prior to shipping. The in-house and local manufacturing allow us to react quickly to any project demands and give us a high level of control on our product quality. 

Talk to us to learn more about how we can assess and improve your packaging lines.