Controls & Automation

Controls should not be magic. Controls should be relatively simple. Whether it is simple or not depends on how well the mechanical layout is designed. It is simple when it is done right.

The electrical controls department plays a very big role in the development of each and every plant layout design. The width of conveyor, location and number of transfers, distance between machine centers are all electrical questions, not mechanical. If a layout takes into account the needs of electrical controls from the onset, the end is not difficult to reach. This is our strength. This is what we do best.

Our team of automation experts is well versed in container handling and the integration of packaging machinery. We apply the science of accumulation and machine reaction time to ensure the entire system operates as one cohesive unit. We think of ourselves as the central nervous system of the line and we understand and appreciate the effect we have on the outcome. Our Applications Team defines what success looks like and our Controls Automation Team exceeds it.

Our controls engineering group understand equipment interfacing, integration between machine centers and generation of clean software code that works. We document our systems so that they are easy to follow, understand and troubleshoot.

Features of Distributed Motor Control

  • Main control panel is small and does not require panel cooling.
  • Power distribution panel is separate from PLC control panel.
  • PLC panel is less than 50V, no need for arc flash PPE.
  • Industrial frequency drives with onboard I/O are located at the motor and pre-wired prior to shipping saving valuable time during installation.
  • Simple cable system with 24V plug-and-play devices connect directly to the VFD.
  • Electrical noise due to cable length is eliminated.  More reliable, longer motor life!
  • Modular approach to conveying, controls and software producing consistency.  Simplified maintenance!


Features of Centralized Motor Control

  • Motor control and VFD panel is separate from PLC panel.
  • PLC panel is less than 50V, no need for arc flash PPE.
  • Climate controlled panel ensures long component life.
  • Clean installation of VFD's provide for easy trouble-shooting.


Software & Documentation

  • Control narratives are developed well before the generation of PLC software.   Line optimization is number #1 on our list and considered gospel for all of our field staff!
  • Energy savings, no problem.  All Descon software comes with standard software to ensure motors stop when line operation is halted!
  • All electrical schematics are developed using SolidWorks Electrical.
  • Standard drawing packages can be issued quickly so we can get working on installation pricing and finalize budgets.


Integrated Electrical Wireway

  • Wireway truly becomes part of the conveyor system!  Engineered to fit conveyors providing superior strength and clean lines.
  • Wireway is pre-mounted to conveyor prior to shipping to save valuable time during installation at the customers site.


Plug-and-Play Cable Systems

This plug-and-play approach really works.  Installation time lines are reduced and start-ups are quick.  Besides, if Descon can do more work in the factory, there is less work to do in the field.  This generally means cost savings for the customer.

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