Accumulation Systems

Accumulation is a critical factor in the success of any well running line. By absorbing product during downstream stoppages, more critical machine centres can continue producing, improving your bottom line.

Dynamic Transfer System for Chain to Chain Transfer

Dynamic Transfer System for Chain to Chain Transfer

Flat top modular belting ensures improved container handling

Bi-Directional (Offline) Accumulation

Bi-Directional (Offline) Accumulation

Absorbing product during downstream stoppages


Main Benefits

  • Continued production during downstream stoppages.

  • Allows for gentle reaction between critical machine centres.

  • Simple offline buffer system allows for easy synchronization between adjacent machine centres.

  • Dynamic transfers ensure container stability and self-clearing functionality.


Design Characteristics

Descon conveyors and systems are designed for strength, rigidity, and performance.

  • 11-gauge formed stainless steel side frames, #4P finish.

  • Bolt together modular design.

  • Stainless steel channel chevron style carry way.

  • Roller return way.

  • Centre drive configurations with shaft-mounted gear reducer.

  • Folded channel leg supports.

  • Guide rails suited for container characteristics.

  • Width and length designed to fit available space.



Our accumulation tables are designed to be trouble-free in their handling of the most sensitive containers.

  • Suitable for the handling of cans, glass, and plastic bottles.

  • Integrated dynamic transfers ensure container stability during loading and offloading.

  • Dynamic transfers are factory set providing simple, trouble-free installation.

  • Flat top modular belting ensures improved container handling.


Available Options

Accumulation tables can be supplied as stand-alone or part of an integrated conveyor system.

  • Easily integrated into 3rd party or existing conveyor systems.

  • Frequency control of all gear motors.

  • Line sensors pre-mounted prior to shipping.

  • Infeed and discharge conveyors available.

  • Stand-alone control systems available.

  • Sizes up to 12’ x 60’.

  • Modular belting to match customer preferences.

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